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Improve Your In-Ground Swimming Pool Sales (and your client's health)

JR Rapp on Aug 17, 2016 10:37:39 AM

What are successful pool builders doing that differentiates them from their less-successful peers? They’re finding new ways to turn an old sales truism to their advantage: they use health and fitness industry data to help them sell benefits, not just features.

Why Use Health and Fitness Industry Data?

No matter how good your closing ratio is, pulling sales ideas out of a hat has never been anyone’s best strategy. Going with your gut, relying on your sales instincts — seasoned sales pros know that really means you need the business acumen to read your market accurately . . . and respond quickly.


To convert price-sensitive and risk-averse homeowners into buyers, you need to pinpoint what really matters to them.

And to do that, you need to keep ahead of the most relevant trends. When you have a handle on solid data, you can use that information to build your buyers’ confidence in their purchasing decisions.

Make Health and Fitness Trends Like Swimming Exercise Work for You

Right now, the health and fitness industry is growing at a significant rate. Health, fitness, wellness: these aren’t just trends. How big are we talking? According to IBISWorld, as of 2016, the gym, health, and fitness industry hit $30 billion in revenue. And reports from SFIA indicate that the sports and fitness industry hit $84.3 billion in wholesale sales in 2014. 

At a time when a third of US adults are obese, and nearly a third of children are either overweight or obese, builders who recognize when homeowners are sensitive to those trends can use health and fitness data to reach their market in new ways.

Bring Your Expertise to the Table

It’s a sales truism for a reason: customers don’t buy products, they buy solutions. What’s the problem you’re solving for your customer?

Consider these commonly heard complaints:

  • They don’t have enough time to get everything done ("most of us experience the feeling of not having enough time”).
  • They worry about not getting solid value for their money ("Seventy-two percent of adults report feeling stressed about money”).
  • They are stressed about their own fitness — and their kids’ health ("While 54 percent [of Americans] agreed that physical activity was very or extremely important, for example, just 27 percent of respondents were happy about their own level of exercise”).

Speck Pumps

When you're aiming at active homeowners who care about fitness, selling pool landscaping ideas as just a tranquil retreat means you’re leaving a lot of potential value on the proverbial negotiation table.

A lot of builders use familiar standbys to reassure homeowners that they’re making a good decision: they tell their clients that they offer an amazing experience, a luxurious retreat, the pool of their dreams.

What differentiates the most successful builders is that they don’t stop there.

They look for what’s important to their prospects, and customize their presentation and their design so that it offers the benefits and features that will help them increase their swimming pool sales.

For example: if you’re talking up the benefits of lounging poolside or relaxing in deck chairs . . . what if your prospect is thinking, “Who has that kind of time?”

Incorporate Swimming for Exercise into Your Pool Design Program

For health-conscious and fitness-oriented buyers, consider directly addressing problems that you can help solve, like fitting gym time into the family schedule. You’ve probably heard some of the “tips” that fitness gurus and health magazines offer — ideas like, sleep in your workout clothes so you’re ready to go first thing in the morning, or, do yoga at your desk.

So offer them a better option: you can turn their swimming pool into their own private aquatic center for swimming workouts. As luxurious, as personalized, and as cutting-edge as they want.


The health benefits of swimming are well known, but many builders forego highlighting these benefits. From improving mental health to improving cardiovascular conditioning, swimming is an often-overlooked piece of that fitness puzzle. Hydrotherapy helps to improve flexibility and reduces muscle and joint pain. Aquatic walking takes pressure off of joints. Plus, research shows people just plain enjoy “water-based exercise more than exercising on land."

Convert your health-conscious prospects by sharing with them a new way to think about their outdoor living space. As not just a place for cookouts and children’s pool parties. But as a primary piece of their health and fitness puzzle. Saving them time, saving them gym membership fees, and giving them instead a private, personal, and fully customized fitness experience.


A Special Note From Speck Pumps:

We have a new program called ProSpeck for builders who proactively sell our products, it includes rebates and extended warranties. 
What we have found over time is that the dealers who include our information in the initial pool “pitch” will sell a swimjet system 10-15% of the time. Our systems provide great incremental profits for the builder, while improving the pool’s usefulness. Additionally, there is a growing interest in pools that provide exercise and therapy options. 
The ProSpeck program is designed to incent dealers to talk about our systems during the sales process and proactively market our product rather than waiting for the consumer to ask. 
Our requirements are simple, we only ask that they use the POP materials we send them and offer swimjets with every pool pitch, that’s it. They receive rebates and their customers get extended warranties. The program also includes referrals from our customer service desk and website, swimjet installation training, and a special customer service hotline.

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