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Create Dramatic Presentations with All-New Video Mode

Noah Nehlich on Jan 15, 2015 10:32:00 AM

We know your clients love to explore every vivid detail of the custom-designed, visually stunning 3D presentations that you create of your projects.

So we’ve added a new way for you to share your design with your clients: Video Mode.

With Video Mode (introduced in Version 2.101), you can now create professional, dramatic videos that showcase all of the custom features, unique details, and other design elements that your clients want most.

How does it work? Video Mode helps you capture your projects in seconds by giving you the option to set camera locations and then string those locations together with transitions to generate captivating videos.

Add to Your Storyboard

In Video Mode, you create and edit your video with an easy-to-use storyboard. Choose a great view of your project to set your first location in the storyboard, then focus on important design elements with the Hold Position option and the Move transition to fly from one feature to the next.

You can edit your storyboard to show off great features: pan over the unique pool shape, highlight the landscaping choices, and focus on the custom details that make your project stand out.

Create Your Video

Before you create your video, you also have the option to adjust the resolution, record sound, and choose the speed at which you take your client through your video.

When you click Create Video, the camera will create a seamless video by moving smoothly through your project based on the locations you’ve added. You'll then be able to share the finished project with your clients.

See Video Mode in Action

Want to see for yourself how easy it is to create a video presentation to share? Learn all about the new Video Mode in the videos below or check out the help page!

Pool Studio Video Mode

VizTerra Video Mode

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