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Smarter. Brighter. Stronger. - Summer Update 2016

The first day of summer is here! Summer update 2.210 brings to you brand-new tools that make creating super-spectacular projects a breeze. Want to show your clients exactly where you’ve created a perfect sunny spot or the perfect shady nook for relaxing? Now, you can with True Shadows. Want to take the headache out of punching numbers into a calculator — and let Vip3D, Pool Studio, and VizTerra do the number crunching for you? From concrete yardage to dirt displacement, plumbing to rebar, the brand-new Smart Data can handle it all — and today, you can try it for yourself.

Check out today’s video and see what you’ll be able to do with the latest Update, including the all-new Smart Data and more than 50 new enhancements:

Smart Data

Smart Data

Automatically crunch the numbers, in real time. As you create and make changes to your project, Smart Data works right alongside you, giving you the detailed data that you need -- and in Vip3D, Smart Data will even add and update your construction plans spec sheet for you. You’ll see data from object properties, and you’ll get an easy-to-read, easy-to-use breakdown of complex calculations. That includes Turn Downs, Step Risers, Dirt Displacement, Concrete Yardage, Rebar, and more.

How does it work?

Smart Data in Pool Studio and VizTerra

Simply click on the object(s) you’d like to see calculated and expand the Smart Data tab. Then, as you click on objects, they’ll appear automatically in your new Selected Data, showing you all the calculations Pool Studio and VizTerra do for you. In both 2D and 3D, your selection will be highlighted in green, making it easy to see which areas of your selected object are included in the displayed calculation.


Swimming Pool with Rebar Selected in 3D.

Raised Hardscape with Turn Down Selected in 2D.

It’s easy to add your own regional-specific settings -- in the configuration panel, you can change your settings at any time to include the right rebar spacing, concrete thickness, and more.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Smart Data is only as accurate as your drawings. Casual sketches or messy drawings will give you casual estimates or messy calculations. For detailed information on what is and what is not considered in each calculation, consult the Help page.

Supercharged Smart Data in Vip3D

Supercharged and endlessly customizable, Smart Data for Vip3D ties directly into the construction stage, giving you unprecedented control over every detail of your project plans.

When you use Smart Data with Vip3D, you’ll see not just calculations from Selected Data -- you’ll also see Automatic Data. With this new section, similar object types are automatically categorized and added into sets: Pools, Spas, Decks, Planters, Walls and Fences, Pool Equipment, Water Features, Plumbing, Electrical, and Gas. And if you don’t want to include any given shape (like an existing sidewalk or patio) in an automatic data set, it’s easy to remove (or add!) shapes: simply select the object and click the plus or minus button.


Alternatively, you can select objects you want included in a specific calculation and create your own “Custom Data” Set.


You can also choose the data you’d like to display on your construction page: Vip3D will add it for you. Just go to Page Layout in Vip3D and add a new “Smart Data Block.” Unlike manual construction spec sheets, these are dynamic. If you need to change the size of a deck or pool in your project, simply make the change in design mode. Your data will automatically be updated. You can even create new page templates with smart data blocks, making it simple to add your data to future projects automatically.


Watch the Update Video and get a more detailed look at exactly how this new feature will help you create stunning custom projects -- accurately, precisely, and faster than ever. The help video will give you even more details, and the help page show you with exactly what is and what isn’t considered in Smart Calculations.

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True Shadows (Vip3D Exclusive)

Quick: your client, at 3300 St. Rose Pkwy, Henderson, NV 89052, is having a pool party at 3pm on July 4th, 2017 — will their new pool be sunny or in the shade?

Now you can show them exactly where the sun and shadows will be — any time, any date, anywhere.

Smart Data gives you a detailed, behind-the-scenes look at your project info — and True Shadows lets you take that precision and use it to create client-amazing results.

Now you can show them the projected sun path for their next 4th of July pool party — and show them how enjoyable their new pool will be with the perfect amount of sun. No matter where your client is, you can flip through to show True Shadows — every time, every day, every month, everywhere.

Plus, you’ll be able to reassure your clients that the plants, trees, swimming pools, and spas you’re designing get exactly the right amount of sun — you can easily illustrate this by showing them True Shadows.

Set-North-in-Swimming-Pool-Design.jpgTo show True Shadows, just set the North position of every project in Stage 1: Project Information

True-Shadow-Calculations.jpgThen set the time, day, and year when you want to see shadows on your client's property in Stage 14: Create Presentation.

Shared-GIS.jpgShared GIS Credits

Managing a team of designers who all use GIS images? Account managers can now buy shared GIS credits for their entire team on the newly redesigned account management page.

New Yard Accessories


Our Members told us that the outdoor kitchens just weren’t complete without bar centers, so we’ve added two variations to the Library.

Seven new cantilever umbrellas have been added to the furniture category.

Loom Furniture and the Iron Furniture set have been refreshed.

Accessories have been updated with new options, including new food, beverages and dinnerware, updated wind chimes and planters and pots, and towels, laptop and TV.

Stacked Stones in the Materials stage have been given a higher resolution makeover.

New Vendor Partner


New Vendor Partner Outdoor Greatroom introduces 10 warm and cozy fire pits options to the Library.

Vendor Partner Latham introduces new Canadian Steel and Canadian Polymer pool shapes, and updates their Blue Hawaiian, Liberty Composite, Trilogy, and Viking packages as well.

What else will you see?

  • Arrow keys now move the camera
  • CTRL+ Arrow keys now move the sun
  • Page Layout paper orientation button
  • Page Layout Grid to help line up blocks and text
  • Text now snaps to Grid
  • Account pages are easier to use
  • Upscaling option for 4K resolutions
  • Spillovers now can snap to mid-points
  • ..and Riley the office dog met a new friend

Just how many bugs have we eliminated?

  • Animated lights don't animate in Videos
  • House templates insert with wrong Elevations
  • Walls drawn with Arc don't appear in 3D
  • Cannot continue broken lines in Page Layout once stage is left
  • Grouped House shapes display Roof in Construction
  • Clicking Zoom button doesn't disable it
  • Cancelling 2x prompt renames new file after
  • Selecting Fence in Markup breaks Object Properties
  • Cannot drag select hidden objects when shown
  • Max height value negative 83'3"
  • Grouping Legend makes it vanish
  • Resizing 2D View too small causes issues
  • Inserting Spillover from Currently Used/Favorites places in grid center
  • Can access websites from Twitter login
  • Improved email checking in Media Viewer
  • Remove "All Measurements"
  • Better highlights for Materials Quick Selection
  • Popped out Library/Smart Data covers Proj Inf Overlay
  • PNGs black in Page Layout
  • Callout Arrows don't fade when hidden
  • Scale sliders broken when switching to/from Metric
  • Crash when Grid set to 10+ in Metric
  • Fill Patterns could be saved pretty much anywhere
  • Light bloom at start of Video Mode
  • Item saved with scaled/rotated Material shows default in panel in Materials
  • Cannot resize Page Layout Object with Pan selected
  • Change default Interior Wall to 6"
  • Text Border shows color in all stages
  • Deleting shape removes Text options
  • Change Default Page Layout Scale to 1/8
  • Thumbnails overlap after adjusting slider
  • Deck Jets vanish when set to 0s
  • House/House Decor don't scale/rotate with Obj Properties
  • VizTerra layer names appear in PS/VT in shared files
  • More buttons grey out/disappear when not usable
  • Auto Elevation turns off when inserting template with Pool/Spa/Planter
  • Auto Elevating some groups would make content separate
  • Cannot insert Object if actively editing text
  • Cannot select some measurements with Change Label
  • Change Label tool doesn't highlight measurements when moused over
  • Inserting from Library before previews load can cause crash
  • Cannot save Refrigerator
  • Measurements to not appear on Design shapes in Groups
  • Updated Embed Text Font GUI
  • If you move a Callout arrow, moves back in Page Layout
  • Saving Item to Library in Materials causes bad template and crash
  • Windows and doors detach from house inserted in 3D
  • New button to remove Underline from Label text

What’s coming up next?

We can’t wait to see how you use Smart Data and True Shadows in your next project -- click subscribe to get the first look at our next update, where we’ll be sharing even more tools for you to use as you create incredibly gorgeous, precisely detailed projects for your clients.

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Noah Nehlich

About the author: Noah Nehlich

Noah Nehlich is the founder of Structure Studios. As an entrepreneur, investor, and tech company enthusiast, he’s into everything 3D. With two decades of experience building the design software that pool and landscape designers use, Noah’s goal is to improve lives through 3D experiences.

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