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Version 3: Next-Level 3D

Next-level 3D is here! Version 3 is our most significant update yet, and our team is incredibly excited to share it with you. With amazing features, dramatically improved 3D rendering quality, finer controls, and faster speeds, Version 3 combines stunning 3D technology with radically improved performance.

We know that you rely on the full collection of tools, libraries, and features in Vip3D, Pool Studio, and VizTerra to create the extraordinary designs and presentations your customers love. And now, Version 3 expands those collections with powerful new tools, extensive new options, and frankly phenomenal graphics to make your designs even more spectacular.

And as we've made refinements to existing tools, we've been careful to keep the user interface familiar so that we don't interrupt your workflow.

Ready to see what’s new?

  • A totally redesigned 3D Engine
  • A dramatically improved 3D library
  • Elegant 3D presentations

Check out the update video:

Edit Shapes in 3DEdit in 3D

Design faster by editing your shapes instantly in 3D. With Version 3, you no longer need to go back and forth between 2D and 3D. Save time by changing the height, lip, coping and more of your pool, spa, hardscapes, and planters—right in 3D!

Explore New Materials, Models, and Backgrounds

The entire material library has been updated in Version 3. New brick, concrete, pavers, PBR metal, glass, stone, and wood options make your designs even more accurate and beautiful.Materials

Version 3 offers you even more realistic 3D models, from characters to vehicles (including trucks!), rockwork to strip fire. Everything has been updated to help you create exceptionally beautiful, realistic designs that engage your clients and help them understand the scale of your vision for them. Accessories

You'll even find birds, bees, and fireflies all ready to enhance your designs.Birds

Now it is even easier to offer your clients personalized options that make their outdoor space feel like home. Version 3 is filled with new backgrounds, materials, and models that help you add the perfect finishing touches to complete your projects.

Level the Ground in TerrainTerrain Lines

A great new timesaving tool: auto level in terrain. Now, when you draw a complete shape and set the height, all terrain inside the shape will remain level. 

Create Social Size ImagesIphone social image

Sharing photos and videos on Instagram and Facebook is now easier than ever.

The new social-size image and video options in Version 3 make it incredibly quick and easy to take a photo or video that’s instantly ready to be shared on your favorite social media platform.

Choose Social Square to create square images with an aspect ratio of 1:1. Choose Social Story to set the aspect ratio to 9:16.

This ensures your images and videos are framed correctly and retain their high quality.

Discover Vip3D Exclusive Features

Discover new ways to shape your design. The presentation enhancements in Vip3D Version 3 offer you a wide variety of exclusive new options. 

3D Grass

Ground your viewer to the reality of your design with all-new 3D grass, which makes expansive lawns, gardens, and parks look even more impressive.3D Grass

Window Lights

Give your client’s house an upgrade in Version 3 by turning on the automatic window lights. As soon as you enter Dusk or Night, the house becomes an inviting centerpiece as the light glows through the windows.Window Lights

Strip Lights

Strategically place strip lights to add ambiance and depth to your design. They're the perfect way to highlight the pool, outdoor kitchen, and bar areas.Striplights


Add fog, steam, and even fireworks to add ambiance to your project and set the ideal mood.Fireworks Steam

Professional Camera Controls

Camera ControlsAdd another level of professionalism to your photos and videos with exclusive camera controls.

The camera lens dropdown allows you to choose Wide, Variable, or Telephoto.

Use the Focus Distance Dial to add a new dimension with depth of field. You can even add Lens Flare, Camera Dust, Color Fringe, or a Vignette to your image.
Pro Camera Controls

Fast Mode Fast Button

Turn on Fast Mode to design complex projects faster by disabling rendering effects and shadows in Design Stages.

Sky Controls

Sky Controls

Capture the mood of your design by adjusting the cloud cover and selecting the perfect phase of the moon to dial in the romance.

Water Controls

Set your water surface to be turbulent or as smooth as glass.

New 3D Filters

Find your style: add filter effects to control the depth of your scene.Filters

Explore New Pool Studio and VizTerra Tools

Property Line and North Arrow


Add the property line with measurements and the bearing. You can even see the property line in 3D.

This makes it easy to align landscaping or other objects while maintaining the appropriate setback.

In Page Layout, the North Symbol will automatically match the Orientation set in Stage 1. property-line-3d

New Color Themes

Try out the new color themes: Cobalt and High Contrast White, which is perfect for designing outdoors.

Preview GIS Images

Until now, GIS Images were available only after you purchased the address. In Version 3, you can see a preview of the location before using a credit.

Tour the Updated Example Files

Take inspiration from the newly refreshed example files. Complete with new lighting, materials, and models, these examples offer you ideas on how to maximize your files. Check them out and see just how much you can do with Version 3!

The updated example files were featured in our Reveal Trailer:

See Even More Enhancements

  • New Home Screen with Favorites Tab
  • Windows 10 Smart Snapping is now supported
  • Improved Grid Snaps
  • Streamlined Configuration Menu
  • New Home Button
  • More consistent Undo/Redo across stages
  • All-new design templates for houses, pools, spas, ponds and wood decks
  • Refined Steps and Bench Functionality
  • Refined House Window Geometry
  • High Detailed Pool Lips
  • Light models snap to house walls when Line Snap is On
  • Grills and outdoor kitchen components snap to outdoor kitchens when Line Snap is On
  • Reorganized and expanded Fire Elements and Water Elements Categories
  • Water and Fire sounds now fade in properly
  • SketchUp Models work more efficiently
  • Plants & Trees are separated from Yard Accessories when Select Objects from any Stage is Off
  • Select Matching now works with House Decor Items
  • Select Matching now recognizes groups
  • Library Menus collapse when deselect symbol is clicked
  • Auto Elevation for objects and staircases will ignore roof-only house shapes
  • New option to turn Lights On/Off globally
  • Wind setting moved to Presentation Stage
  • New "View All Media" Button
  • Media option to render frame-by-frame output
  • 3D view stays the same when entering Presentation Stage
  • Move, scale and rotate objects in Presentation Stage
  • Limit FPS for Zoom meetings and screen recording
  • Hundreds of minor quality of life enhancements

Minor Update 2021.1.1 Changes:

  • New Spray Deck Concrete Material (8 Color Options)
  • Imported Materials saved in Version 2 now load in Version 3
  • Custom plants in Version 2 files now load in Version 3
  • 3D Grass Improvements
  • Ability to import SketchUp 2021
  • Restored arrow key controls in Design and Presentation Stages
  • Top App Bar restored when opening a project from Recent Projects
  • Restored the ability to mirror grouped templates
  • Scrolling in the panel no longer causes your 3D view to Zoom
  • Patched printing bug due to recent Microsoft Windows 10 Update
  • Fixed crash when adjusting hardscapes with grills attached
  • Fixed crash with wooden decks attached to houses
  • Refined True Shadows for Australia and New Zealand
  • Support for NVIDIA® Surround and Ultrawide Monitors

Planning Ahead for Summer?

We hope you enjoy using all of the new tools in Version 3 to design the outdoor living spaces where your clients will create new memories with their families.

We’re already developing more tools and features that we look forward to sharing with you in our next update!

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Noah Nehlich

About the author: Noah Nehlich

Noah Nehlich is the founder of Structure Studios. As an entrepreneur, investor, and tech company enthusiast, he’s into everything 3D. With two decades of experience building the design software that pool and landscape designers use, Noah’s goal is to improve lives through 3D experiences.

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