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3 Tips to Create and Host a Great Webinar Presentation

Noah Nehlich on Oct 15, 2014 1:45:00 AM

When you and a prospective client can’t find a time to meet in person, creating and hosting a webinar presentation is a great way to make your pitch. You and your clients can have a live meeting without leaving your home or office.

Have you made a sales presentation via webinar? If you haven’t, you might be curious about how you can make sure that you’re really reaching your audience and making the best pitch.

Even if you’re fantastic at engaging your clients in person, holding their attention through a webinar can be a challenge. When you’re in the business of offering your clients visually engaging designs, your virtual presentation needs to be just as compelling.

So here are three tips for great webinars:

Choose a User-Friendly Service

Most webinar services, like Fuze, Go To Meeting, and Skype, are very user friendly and are usually free. You want to make the process as easy as possible, from inviting your client to join the webinar to making sure they have all of the information they need to take the next step and sign a contract.

With most webinar services, you simply generate a meeting and then share the meeting link with your clients via email.

So that you can be sure everything runs smoothly, you’ll want to run some practice meetings. When you practice your delivery, you’ll get a sense of how your voice sounds to your listeners. And when you double-check your presentation, you’ll make sure you know exactly how it will appear to your clients with the service you’re using.

For example, some services, like Fuze, will not support screen sharing while in presentation mode. In that case, you can do a virtual tour while in 3D. From Pool Studio and VizTerra, just press the hotkey "J" and you will be in "walk” mode--just like you are while navigating in presentation mode.

Make Modifications in Real Time

Since you’re presenting without being able to read your client’s responses the way you’re used to in person, it’s important to listen carefully for clues.

One of the biggest benefits of presenting live through a webinar is that you can make modifications on the spot. If your client wants to see a different color flagstone or new plaster, you can make changes immediately.

Presenting a portfolio of screen shots is also a very useful option. With the new "Photo Mode" function in the Create Presentation phase, you can showcase screenshots captured with many new artistic image effects available to you. (Watch our recent update video to learn more about these new features!) Showcasing in real time different features and options is a great way to earn your client’s interest in your design.

Create a Great Experience for Your Client

A webinar can be a practical solution, making it possible for you and your client to meet when you can’t otherwise find a good time. To make the sale, however, you need to earn your client’s attention and offer a memorable experience. Your sales presentation is an opportunity to get your client to look forward to working with you:

  • Reduce any distractions. Make sure that your computer, your phone, or your workspace won’t distract you or your client during your webinar. You want the focus to stay on your pitch, not on any technical issues or interruptions that could have been avoided.
  • Get organized in advance. If you do a few practice runs before your webinar, you’ll work out any issues and address any problems. For example, whether you’re using your computer’s microphone, a headset, or your own phone to connect to the webinar, a practice run will make sure that the sound is clear and the presentation is enjoyable.
  • Be creative. The benefit of a 3D sales presentation is that you can immerse your client in a fully interactive tour of their new space. A webinar is an opportunity to share that 3D sales presentation and make it even more interactive. That includes making sure you’ve planned to follow up with your client after the webinar!

Any questions?

Interested in improving your sales presentations? Check out our tips on how to craft an effective presentation, read the HBR’s ideas on how to frame a great story, or take a look at which sales skills are becoming increasingly important to reach customers today (PDF). And anytime you have questions, get in touch! We love hearing from you, and we’d love to see you soon in one of our training workshops.

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