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Selling $400k Swimming Pools in 30 Minutes: How Tod Brown Wows His Clients

JR Rapp on Aug 24, 2017 5:00:00 AM

The first time that Tod Brown of Barrington Pools saw a 3D pool design, he knew it would change for the better the way he shared his work with his clients.

He already knew that clients loved seeing pictures of potential pools — and as a pool guy who'd sold $3.5M in just his first year designing pools, Brown was always excited to find new ways to make the process of winning over clients not just easier but also more enjoyable for his clients.

That was especially important to Brown because his clients wanted increasingly ingenious, spectacularly custom pools.


Athletic Fields, 9-Figure College Campuses, and the 8-Acre Funhouse: How Tyson Scott Uses 3D to Knock it Out of the Park

Noah Nehlich on Dec 1, 2016 5:00:00 AM

When landscape designer Tyson Scott recently got the nod to design his alma mater’s $150 million, 2,000-acre campus, he knew that he’d earned the opportunity not simply because he’d presented a vividly detailed plan or because he’d taken the time to make certain that the plan he offered would transform the campus into a multipurpose space to inspire and invigorate both the companies focused on high-tech research and the students who’d live, work, and study there.


Perfecting the Details: How Lea Frederick Uses 3D to Earn Her Clients’ Trust

Noah Nehlich on Sep 15, 2016 5:00:00 AM

When Lea Frederick started out in the aquatics industry, she didn’t enter the industry expecting that she would one day be the only woman in the world to attain accreditation as a member of the prestigious Society of Watershape Designers, by the Genesis Design Group

In fact, Frederick didn’t start out designing swimming pools at all. It was only after her husband, with whom she owned a commercial swim and tennis club, teamed up with a business partner who needed someone to do design and sales that Frederick decided to consider designing pools.

Frederick’s background in engineering meant she had the necessary technical understanding to start designing beautiful pools. By leveraging those skills — along with her experience teaching lifeguarding for the Red Cross as well as kids’ swimming lessons — Frederick has been able to design and build stunning pools that clients love, enabling her to build a successful career as a business owner and Watershape Designer: she owns Vue Custom Pools and Vue Custom Design

Building Pools by Building Relationships

Building Pools by Building Relationships: How Jeromey Naugle Wins 7-Figure Contracts

Noah Nehlich on Jul 21, 2016 5:00:00 AM

When Jeromey Naugle joined the pool and landscape industry in 1999, he started out stocking the shelves at a pool store in Gilbert, Arizona. Since then, he has built his own company, Premier Paradise, Inc., to not just earn seven-figure contracts — but to achieve that spectacular growth without even needing to advertise to prospects.

Before he could achieve that success, however, Naugle knew he needed to find ways to do more than just build swimming pools.

After all, his goal wasn’t just to earn a living — it was to build a career that would give him the freedom to create for his clients beautiful, innovative pools.

To do that, he needed to find the right tools, and the right team, that would make it possible for him to create truly spectacular results for his clients.


Drones, Celebrities, and Custom Designs: How John Kay Gets Results

Noah Nehlich on Apr 7, 2016 5:00:00 AM

Using drones to capture aerial shots of a build in progress, sharing screenshots to lock in contracts even before the design’s fully complete, and networking to get discovered by clients — these are all strategies John Kay uses to sell his clients on phenomenal designs.

From his start studying landscape architecture at UNLV, through working for an established landscape company in California, and then obtaining his landscape and general engineering license in order to begin his own company, John Kay has always looked for state-of-the-art ways to set his work apart from the rest.

And to set his work apart — John turned to Vip3D to see whether the latest 3D technology would earn him even better results.


From Digging Pools to Designing for Multimillion Dollar Homes: How Chris Adamczyk Wins Awards

JR Rapp on Mar 4, 2016 5:00:00 AM

Custom Pool Designer Chris Adamczyk uses Pool Studio to Create Designs Featured on TV and in Multimillion-Dollar Homes

When award-winning designer Chris Adamczyk of Watercolors Custom Pools in Atlanta decided to make the switch from digging pools to selling them, he set out to find the right tools that would make his designs stand out amongst the competition.

After eight years digging pools as a heavy equipment operator, Chris Adamczyk had ideas for designs of his own that he wanted to see built. Those designs have not just featured on TV six times, they’ve also won him multiple awards and earned him clients all over the Atlanta area, from suburban homes to multimillion dollar estates.

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