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Calender May 13, 2024

2024 Update: Enhance Your Productivity with the Latest Tools

In advance of the 2024 Update coming later this year, we are excited to release some timesaving new tools ahead of schedule. Developed to enhance your design experience, these new tools serve to increase both efficiency and productivity. The update ...

2023 Update: Streamline Your Workflow with New Tools and 1400 New Assets

We’re delighted to share our latest update, complete with powerful new tools, exciting new features, and an unparalleled 1400 new assets available now for you to design complete outdoor living spaces for your clients. We’re enhancing the extraordinary beauty and realism of the outdoor living spaces you create with today’s update, which brings new options that speed up your design time, streamline your design process, and utterly enchant your clients. Now, faster real-time 3D, new Smart Snaps, a reimagined Camera, an intuitive new 3D Gizmo, a wealth of design tools, and 1400 new assets are ready for you!

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How to Calculate Pool Gallons Easily

When you need to know the exact number of gallons in a pool, precise and accurate measurements are essential. If gallonage is over- or underestimated too much, maintaining a healthy and efficient pool becomes challenging. With the help of some basic geometry, it can be quick and easy to determine the volume or capacity of a swimming pool:

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Summer 2022: The Sky’s the Limit with New Sky, House, and Roof Tools

Summer is prime season for major home improvements. So we’re very excited to share with you one of our most exciting updates yet, featuring new tools and new features that will make your designs stand out like never before as you design complete outdoor living spaces for your clients. Last update, features like Ray Tracing, Dynamic Water, and 3D Grass brought extraordinary depth, color, and movement to your designs. And a wide variety of recently added tools have streamlined the design process: quick-draw ovals and ellipses, easy terrain leveling, and an even wider array of speedy right-click menu options. Now, with the Summer 2022 update, we’re bringing you faster, sleeker, and even more beautiful options—ones that not only amaze your clients but also speed up your design time. From the wide sky above down to the smallest detail in your client’s lawn: new house and roof tools, a new sky system, new light systems, and so much more are now here.

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Summer 2021: Ray Tracing, Dynamic Water, and Expanded Library

Since the arrival of Version 3 earlier this year, we’ve been amazed and delighted to see the spectacular projects our Members are creating using features like 3D Grass, Level Terrain, and Editing Shapes in 3D. So much so, in fact, that when we shared enhancements to Version 2 earlier this summer, we promised that our next update for Version 3 would be filled with amazing new tools and features that would make your designs even more spectacular. Now, with this summer update, we’re building on those great features by sharing with you powerful new tools like Ray Tracing and Dynamic Water that make it faster and easier for you to create incredibly beautiful, accurate, and realistic designs for your clients.

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Version 2 Summer 2021: Level Terrain, GIS Previews, and Property Lines

This year marks a special one for us here at Structure Studios because we released Version 3 - our most significant update yet! The powerful tools in Version 3 have been so popular that our team is already looking forward to sharing even more of the exciting tools we are developing for you. Before we launch the upcoming Version 3 update, we want to share with you this Summer Update of great timesaving features for Version 2 that will help you design beautiful projects even faster.

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We Wrote the Book: Design For Story

We wrote the book, and we couldn’t have done it without you. Design for Story: Create Immersive Outdoor Living Experiences is for designers who strive to create unforgettable experiences.

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Version 3: Next-Level 3D

Next-level 3D is here! Version 3 is our most significant update yet, and our team is incredibly excited to share it with you. With amazing features, dramatically improved 3D rendering quality, finer controls, and faster speeds, Version 3 combines stunning 3D technology with radically improved performance.

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New Help Center: Timesaving Tips

This past year, our team has focused on developing new tools that help make it easier for you to get work done on your schedule, no matter when (or where) you’re working. Whether you’re making changes on the spot while you help your client create a “staycation”-ready outdoor retreat or you’re making headway on your to-do list in the office, having the right timesaving tools is key.

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Spring 2020: Ellipses, Angled Windows and New Fence & Railing Options

With this Spring Update, we are sharing with you new timesaving tools and features that will help you design beautiful projects for your clients. Whether you are working from home this month and presenting projects remotely to clients or you’re gearing up for summer and helping your team stay healthy and productive during uncertain times — this update offers the tools that will help you design projects quickly and easily.

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Winter 2019: Right Click Menu, Embedded Symbols and Page Layout Enhancements

This year marks a special one for us here at Structure Studios, because it has been 20 years since Noah designed the very first 3D swimming pool!

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Fall 2019 Update: Pitched Pergolas, Auto Contour Lines, and Spell Check

Last year, we focused on updates that save you time. This year, we’ve been focusing on updates that save you time — and make it both faster and easier to personalize every detail to achieve incredible results for your clients.

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Create Incredible Hardscapes Faster with Custom Coping and Scoring Lines

Two new features in the Hardscapes Stage make it faster, easier, and even more enjoyable to create the perfect custom design for your clients. Whether you’re designing a beach entry or a pool deck, a new driveway or a new sports court — Coping Draw Mode and Custom Scoring Mode make it easy!

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Summer 2019 Update: Point Heights,  Four New Drawing Tools and More

Last year, we focused on developing for you time-saving tools and features that made it faster and easier to personalize projects for your clients. From easy imports to quick exports, beautiful floors to gorgeous windows, hardscape that automatically follows the terrain to Augmented Reality that automatically follows you and your clients around the yard — saving time has never looked so good!

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Spring 2019 Update: Custom Scoring, Locked Shapes, and Perimeter Scaling

We promised to focus each and every update of 2018 on the tools, tips, and features that would make it easier to create and perfect the beautiful custom details that clients love most. With spectacular custom windows and floors, hardscapes that follow the terrain, new posed characters, realistic pool coves, custom hardscape coping, tiered spillovers, and so much more — we think we delivered!

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3 Ways Training Helps You Get More from Your 3D Design Software

When you’re busy readying designs for prospective clients, scheduling meetings, and getting your designs built — you’ve probably come up now and then against a quick design question that you want answered right away. We know you don’t want to add hunt down answers to your already full to-do list. That’s why we've made it easy to find answers to those pressing questions, discover new time-saving tips, and get the support you need — fast.

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Winter 2018 Update: Custom Coping, Custom Shape Lips, and Tiered Spillovers

We love it when our members share their wish lists with us — and, with this update, we’re happily checking quite a few wished-for items off the list!

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Fall 2018 Update: Carvings, Pool Lips, and Pool Coves

This year, we’ve been focusing on updates that save you time — easier imports, faster pdf exports, even easier ways to personalize your client’s house, from indoor flooring to custom windows, rounded fence posts to wedding cake stairs. We’ve brought Augmented Reality to swimming pools, hardscapes, and outdoor kitchens with YARD and we’ve added tools to help your clients and your team understand the details, including text tables, new project information fields, and detailed new labels.

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Customize Outdoor Kitchens and Fireplaces Instantly with the Carve Tool

Custom details are often the key to truly transforming a design and making it feel like it’s already the homeowner’s very own space.

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Summer 2018 Update - Windows, Water, and Floors

Summer’s the season when many families enjoy going on relaxing tours, trips, and holidays — so take your clients on a tour like none other with today’s update! The new tools and features in this update are powerful, flexible — and incredibly easy to use. After all, it’s summer — we know you have a lot on your to-do list! Spectacular new windows are now incredibly easy to create: we built on two of the most popular tools, Wood Decks and Pergolas, to make windows just as easy to create and customize. And we didn’t stop there. Creating a custom floor, choosing a custom water level, even personalizing your tour with one of 12 new characters — all of that and more now takes just a couple of clicks, making even the most beautiful designs even more impressive. So amaze your clients with a gorgeous tour of their future outdoor living space, customized just for them. Check out the update video to see how the latest new tools will help you create absolutely stunning living spaces for your clients that will make them feel right at home.

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YARD: Augmented Reality for Swimming Pools, Outdoor Kitchens, and Hardscapes

For many clients, visualizing and understanding the true scale of a project remains one of the most challenging steps when beginning an outdoor living design project.

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Spring 2018 Update - Rolled Beams, FBX Import,  New Step Styles, and Augmented Reality!

Last year, we shared updates that covered every square inch of your clients' outdoor living spaces — the sky really was the limit, with tips on how to use your drone to map a client’s property quickly. Calculators to make measuring layouts a snap, smart tools to speed up design time when make designing decks and pergolas, and new video options to make creating interactive 360 images and videos as easy as taking a screenshot. So we’re starting off 2018 with updates that will help you focus your client’s attention on all of the precise details that make your design so perfect for them. New staircase options, new import options — even a faster new way to email your design to your client. All that, and much more, is available now in today’s update. Check out the update video to learn more about the new tools and features that will help you wow your clients:

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Easily Draw 3D Swimming Pool Steps and Benches 

When you invite your client to explore the new pool and spa you've designed for them, you can make your 3D tours even more enticing by adding thoughtful details that will help them understand exactly why your design is so perfect for their family.

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Winter 2017 Update - Steps, Benches, and 3D Text

Helping you make your already incredible designs even better is what motivates us to develop and share brand-new tools and features. With each and every update, we put the power of the most awesome new technology to work, improving lives through 3D experiences.

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Making the Mechanical Emotional: How Jim Bellamy Designs His Client’s Dreams

As soon as a new client walks into designer Jim Bellamy of California Pools’ office, they’re immersed in a unique experience that incorporates visuals, sound, and even sample design materials ready for their inspection.

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Layout Pools and Hardscape with Automatic Triangulation and Centerline Tools

When clients ask for custom landscape designs that transform their outdoor living space, designing even the most innovative elements of your client’s new backyard is easy with 3D design software. Until now, however, taking the measurements so your installers can build those intricate pools, multi-level decks, and unique pergolas has still been one of the more time-consuming tasks to complete. So we’re here to help.

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Your Drone Can Draw a 3D House for Your Pool and Landscape Design

Do you feel like you spend more time drawing a client's home than designing their outdoor living space? Is it sometimes tedious to get their home to look exactly right? Or is it time consuming to measure everything you need on their home? Wouldn’t it be cool if, instead of painstakingly drawing and measuring every detail of your client’s home to use in your design, you could simply design around a scaled 3D model? And wouldn’t it be neat if your drone could capture more than just nice pictures? What if your drone could give you a 3D model of your client’s home, right now, in Vip3D?

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Fall 2017 Update - Design Custom Pergolas and Layout Pools Automatically

Delivering the custom results your clients want just got easier. With the Fall 2017 update, you get access to streamlined tools designed to help you create those detailed custom results your clients are looking for — while also streamlining your design process. That includes a new custom pergola design tool (bringing the features of last update's integrated deck design software to custom pergolas, patio covers, and arbors), a streamlined interface (putting the most-used tools right at the top for easy access), and automatic new measurement tools (revealing the most intricate measurements of your design instantly)

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$400k Swimming Pools in 30 Minutes: How Tod Brown Wows His Clients

The first time that Tod Brown of Barrington Pools saw a 3D pool design, he knew it would change for the better the way he shared his work with his clients. He already knew that clients loved seeing pictures of potential pools — and as a pool guy who'd sold $3.5M in just his first year designing pools, Brown was always excited to find new ways to make the process of winning over clients not just easier but also more enjoyable for his clients. That was especially important to Brown because his clients wanted increasingly ingenious, spectacularly custom pools.

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How We Buy Computers to Maximize Value

Fast, good, or cheap: pick any two. That well-known truism often crops up, ready to fit nearly every topic — including how to choose a computer and when to buy a PC. But does that advice really apply to computers?

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3D Deck Design Software | Professional Deck Design Software

When many homeowners begin thinking about hiring a professional to update their outdoor living space, a deck is often a default item on their list. That’s why decks often rank as one of the top upgraded outdoor structures — and also why decks offer designers a great opportunity to amaze clients with a phenomenal custom design.

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3 Ways to Reveal Design Details with 3D Measurements

When you need to create the most incredibly precise, accurate, and detailed custom projects, the right tools mean the difference between good enough — and absolutely spectacular. With all-new 3D Measurements, you can now share an extra level of detail with your clients and installers, making certain that the design you’ve created is exactly right.

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Summer 2017 Update - Wooden Decks and 3D Measurements

Summer is a great season for kicking back and relaxing on the deck — for your clients, at least! Today’s update offers you awesome new options, incredible new features, and some of the most precise tools to help you create amazing wood decks (and much, much more) for your clients — no knocking on wood required! This is the update that makes designing custom wood decks incredibly easy — with integrated 3D wood deck design software that will help you design those decks faster, and more impressively, than ever before. Ready to see what’s new today with the deck design software? Check out the update video and then read on for details!

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Top 5 Need-to-Know Pool and Landscape Software Tips and Tricks

Every week, we offer training workshops designed to help you create your best work. From the fundamentals to the most advanced strategies, our workshops cover everything you need to know to create the most impressive — and the most client-amazing — 3D designs. In case you haven’t had a chance yet to join a training workshop (or you’d just like a refresher) — we don’t want you to miss out. Many of your fellow pool and landscape designers who attend our training say these are our top tips: the best timesavers, the greatest shortcuts, and the most impressive ways to create the most impressive designs. Ready to enhance your design process? Read on to discover the Top 5 Most Popular Vip3D, Pool Studio, and VizTerra Tips:

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How to Charge for Swimming Pool Designs: 3 Top Strategies

The question of whether to charge clients for pool and landscape design work is one that many designers — from those just starting out to seasoned professionals — often face as they consider strategies to grow their business.

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See Designs From Every Angle: How to Create 360-Degree Photos and Videos

Creating interactive presentations for your clients just got easier.

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360 Degree Spring Update 2017

Welcome to the Spring Update! Whether you’re already enjoying sunny weather or you’re waiting out a few more snow days, today’s Spring Update brings you brand-new tools, features, and improvements that will get your clients excited to start their next projects! When we sent off 2016, we also celebrated our 15th Anniversary — 15 years of 3D swimming pools and landscapes, 15 years of incredibly detailed presentations, and 15 years of making lives better through 3D experiences. Let’s start the next 15 years off right: with spectacular new ways for you to share your most incredible work with your clients! First on the list: 360-degree photos and videos for your clients to explore! Ready to see what 2017 brings? Check out today’s update video — we’re sharing with you those new photos and videos, plus new ways of sharing on social media, and much, much more: Create 360 Photos/Videos (Vip3D Exclusive) Click to try the 360° Video In Vip3D, you can now create an incredibly beautiful new way of sharing your designs with your clients: 360 degree photos and video. The new 360-degree photos and videos are not just beautiful — they’re also interactive! Using your mouse, tablet, or even your smartphone, you can invite your client to look around and explore your design in any direction. For more information on 360 photos and videos, please check out our in-depth 360 Photo and Video guide.

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Pool and Landscape Construction Plans Made Easy

When your design is ready to be built, printing your plans has never been easier.

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Marketing for the Future: How Chris Anderson Reaches Clients Worldwide

Twelve years ago, Chris Anderson’s company was one of the first to start using Pool Studio for contemporary backyard design. Then a senior in college, Anderson had grown up in the pool industry, and he recognized a great opportunity when he saw one.

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Winter Update 2016

Smart Data, Virtual Reality, and so much more — 2016 has been a pretty amazing year. Here at Structure Studios, we’re incredibly happy today to share with you an extra-special update to mark the end of an extra-special year: we’re celebrating our 15th Anniversary! In 15 years, we’ve come a long way from that very first 3D swimming pool. From Smart Data that does the number crunching for you to Virtual Reality that lets you share the most breathtakingly immersive experience possible with your clients, we’re innovating the most game-changing software on the market today. We’d love to share some cake and party balloons with you — since our members are worldwide, however, we’re celebrating with you by offering you great new tools and features that are 100% focused on making your design experience better than ever. As we prepare the super-duper-amazing (we really can’t wait for you to see!) updates we’re readying for 2017, we decided to send off 2016 with super-precise, super-detailed improvements that will help you do your very best work. What better way to celebrate? In today’s update, we’ve refreshed art, polished features, added options — and eliminated more than 50 bugs, all so that we could help you create the very best designs. If you love precise, accurate, detailed designs as much as we do — then this is the update for you. Ready to see what’s ready for you? And ready to look back at just how much has changed in the past 15 years? Watch the update video and then read on for the full list!

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Great vs Cheap Pool and Landscape Design Software

Perhaps you’re familiar with the saying, "fast, good, cheap: pick two.” It's a popular truism — one that often gets shared when comparing software options. The fastest and best option probably won’t be the rock-bottom cheapest; the fastest and cheapest option might not be very good. But when you’re choosing between options, it can sometimes be hard to tell when you’re comparing apples to apples, apples to oranges, or perhaps even a bushel of apples from last year’s harvest to a bakery-fresh apple pie. From marketing speak using jargon that obscures what you're actually getting to glossy charts full of features you’ve yet to see in action — finding the right software that actually does what it promises while also helping you as you work can be a headache, and that’s before you’ve even started actually trying to design with the software. Whether your goal is to get work done faster, to improve your designs, or to razor down your expenses — great software can be the difference between achieving your goals and designing great projects, or wasting time on a program that doesn’t give you what you need and sends you back to the drawing board to start your search for the right tools all over again.

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Virtual Reality is the Future of Pool and Landscape Design

Virtual Reality is the most exciting, most engaging technology on the market today, and it's already completely changing how we experience movies, video games, and architecture. Today, virtual landscape software is ready for you — ready for you to add even more depth and detail to your pool and landscape designs, and ready for you to start sharing even more immersive experiences with your clients.

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Freehand Fall 2016 Update

Welcome to the Fantastic Freehand Fall Update 2.220! When Pool Studio was released in 2005, the common pencil became obsolete for pool designers all over the world. Today, we’ve reinvented the pencil. With today's update, we merge the best of the “old” with the best of the new: you'll get to experience the everyday pencil, now improved with the brand-new Freehand Tool. And you'll see how to transform the average trip through the backyard into an incredibly awesome experience with new Virtual Reality tools. That's just the beginning: today's update also includes new pool shape customizations, faster loading, more Smart Data, better construction, and, yes, full virtual reality support! Check out our update video and see what else you’ll discover in the Fall 2016 update, including the new Freehand Tool and more than 80 other awesome improvements:

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Perfecting Details: How Lea Frederick Uses 3D to Earn Her Clients’ Trust

When Lea Frederick started out in the aquatics industry, she didn’t enter the industry expecting that she would one day be the only woman in the world to attain accreditation as a member of the prestigious Society of Watershape Designers, by the Genesis Design Group. In fact, Frederick didn’t start out designing swimming pools at all. It was only after her husband, with whom she owned a commercial swim and tennis club, teamed up with a business partner who needed someone to do design and sales that Frederick decided to consider designing pools. Frederick’s background in engineering meant she had the necessary technical understanding to start designing beautiful pools. By leveraging those skills — along with her experience teaching lifeguarding for the Red Cross as well as kids’ swimming lessons — Frederick has been able to design and build stunning pools that clients love, enabling her to build a successful career as a business owner and Watershape Designer: she owns Vue Custom Pools and Vue Custom Design.

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7 Ways to use Real Shadows in Your Next Landscape Design

Achieving the perfect balance of sunshine and shade in an outdoor living space is a skill that sometimes goes overlooked by clients — even though creating just the right balance is one of the key ways that designers transform a yard from something mundane into their client’s dream space.

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7 Residential Landscaping Design Trends Your Clients Want

Outdoor living projects are the second largest investment most homeowners will ever make, next to the house itself. Perhaps your client is finally going to be able to realize their longstanding dream of building the perfect pool for their dream home. Or perhaps they’re asking you to design for them the perfect landscaping for their family to enjoy in their first new home.

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How Much Will a Swimming Pool Increase the Value of a Home?

Summer often inspires homeowners to start thinking about building a pool of their own — one that will be the perfect summer oasis, the ideal way to stay cool and make even the hottest days of summer enjoyable.

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Building Pools by Building Relationships: How Jeromey Naugle Wins 7-Figure Contracts

When Jeromey Naugle joined the pool and landscape industry in 1999, he started out stocking the shelves at a pool store in Gilbert, Arizona. Since then, he has built his own company, Premier Paradise, Inc., to not just earn seven-figure contracts — but to achieve that spectacular growth without even needing to advertise to prospects.

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Smarter. Brighter. Stronger. - Summer Update 2016

The first day of summer is here! Summer update 2.210 brings to you brand-new tools that make creating super-spectacular projects a breeze. Want to show your clients exactly where you’ve created a perfect sunny spot or the perfect shady nook for relaxing? Now, you can with True Shadows. Want to take the headache out of punching numbers into a calculator — and let Vip3D, Pool Studio, and VizTerra do the number crunching for you? From concrete yardage to dirt displacement, plumbing to rebar, the brand-new Smart Data can handle it all — and today, you can try it for yourself.

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Creating the Wow Factor: How Shane LeBlanc Uses Vip3D to Win Clients

Designer Shane LeBlanc has built a career that takes him both around the country and around the world to design the spectacular pools that have helped him grow from a once-small landscaping company into an award-winning outdoor living design company winning seven-figure contracts.

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7 Design Habits of Successful Pool and Landscape Designers

If you’ve been in the industry for awhile — or even if you’ve just been checking out some of the case studies we’ve shared — you've probably noticed just how many different routes to success there can be. But what is it that really distinguishes the good from the great, the truly successful from those just chugging along?

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Drones, Celebrities, and Custom Designs: How John Kay Gets Results

Using drones to capture aerial shots of a build in progress, sharing screenshots to lock in contracts even before the design’s fully complete, and networking to get discovered by clients — these are all strategies John Kay uses to sell his clients on phenomenal designs. From his start studying landscape architecture at UNLV, through working for an established landscape company in California, and then obtaining his landscape and general engineering license in order to begin his own company, John Kay has always looked for state-of-the-art ways to set his work apart from the rest. And to set his work apart — John turned to Vip3D to see whether the latest 3D technology would earn him even better results.

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Design Faster with Spring Update 2.2 for Vip3D, VizTerra, and Pool Studio

When we rounded up the shortlist of member-favorite tools in 2015, we promised that our next update would help you shave time off your design process. Today, we're following through. With new and improved features that will help you make your Vip3D, VizTerra, and Pool Studio designs absolutely spectacular — Update 2.2 includes faster tools, better controls, and smoother finishes. What’s ready for you to try out today?

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Social Media Success: Sharing 3D Design Videos to Sell 2 out of 3 Projects

When designer Sherman Kellow of Standing Stone Pools and Patio wanted to improve his closing ratio, he set out to find ways to create a better customer experience.

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How To Charge For Landscape Designs: 5 Ways To Find Your Fee

A good design is more than a sketch or print out. You pour your blood, sweat and tears into crafting the perfect design for your customers — bringing their pool and landscape wish lists to life. While it may sometimes seem like a simple process to homeowners, creating designs that sell takes valuable time and effort. And you want to make sure you’re earning what the designs are worth.

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From Digging Pools to Designing for Multimillion Dollar Homes: How Chris Adamczyk Wins Awards

Custom Pool Designer Chris Adamczyk uses Pool Studio to Create Designs Featured on TV and in Multimillion-Dollar Homes When award-winning designer Chris Adamczyk of Watercolors Custom Pools in Atlanta decided to make the switch from digging pools to selling them, he set out to find the right tools that would make his designs stand out amongst the competition. After eight years digging pools as a heavy equipment operator, Chris Adamczyk had ideas for designs of his own that he wanted to see built. Those designs have not just featured on TV six times, they’ve also won him multiple awards and earned him clients all over the Atlanta area, from suburban homes to multimillion dollar estates.

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Get to Know a Site Before You Visit (6 Aerial Image Tools)

You’ve talked with your prospect over the phone about what they’re looking for with a landscape project. But until you see the actual property, you’re pretty much in the dark on where to begin. Instead of wasting gas driving to your prospect’s home beforehand, take advantage of some online landscape design tools. There are a variety of sites and programs to choose from, and you can use these to view aerial and satellite images. Here are just a few of the benefits of being able to see an aerial image of a site before your first visit:

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Pool Deck Size: Are You Giving Your Customers Enough Space?

Have you ever heard a client say his pool deck is too large? I doubt it. It’s much more likely you’ve had clients ask for a deck expansion because the space isn’t big enough for entertaining, or they underestimated how much space furniture takes up. Help clients avoid that regret by designing a pool deck that will meet their current and future needs. It’s your job to help them understand how much space is needed. A pool deck can be used for a lot more than lounging and drying off, so it’s important you know how your clients plan to use the space when proposing a size. Here are things you should consider when designing a pool deck.

Read The Article Calender January 21, 2016

The Basics of Starting a Landscape Design Business

Deciding to start a business can be one of the most exciting — and terrifying — times for any landscape designer. There are so many unknown factors as you head into this uncharted territory. Whether you’ve been thinking about starting a business for a few months or several years, you need to make sure you cover all of your bases to be successful. Here are six things you need to do before you start your landscape design business.

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Vip3D, Pool Studio, VizTerra: Top 19 New Features from 2015 [Video]

As we look forward to 2016, and wrap up a year in which we released some pretty big updates, we decided to check in with thousands of our Vip3D, Pool Studio, and VizTerra members to get a feel for what our users liked best — and what they want to see in the next year! The results are in: Vip3D, our redesigned take on 3D outdoor living design software, tops the list as one of the most exciting updates we’ve ever released. It’s fantastic to see the awesome projects designers are creating with Vip3D’s new tools and features. (If you haven’t checked it out yet — take a look!) What else caught designers’ attention? Check out our highlight reel: the top 19 new features of 2015, according to our members. Have you tried all 19? Watch the video to find out!

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What’s The Best Way To Charge For A Landscape Design?

Considering the numerous landscaping business models that exist — with landscape design playing an important role in each — our customers often ask us, “What is the best way to charge for landscape design services?” As your design software partners, we know how important the answer to this question is. We’ve worked with landscape designers at all levels of expertise, with businesses of many sizes, across the country. But no matter who you are, the best landscape designs are the ones that make money in one way or another — so it’s essential you have a firm grasp on the best fee structure for your business.

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Update 2.150: Our Last Update of 2015 [Video]

Just because there is a big new movie coming out this week, doesn’t mean we're too busy to update Pool Studio, VizTerra, and Vip3D! Today we’re sharing some great updates that will make your designs look amazing — and your life easier. From an improved Construction page layout to new Snaps and Constraints settings, plus new tools that make it easy to give old favorites a refreshed look, this update has it all. Grab your lightsaber, and watch what's new!

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Success Story: Tommy Davis, Krause Landscape Contractors

Embracing Innovation: Designer Tommy Davis has grown his company’s reach by taking advantage of all technology has to offer to delight his customers For Tommy Davis of the award-winning, Texas-based Krause Landscape Contractors, transitioning from pen-and-paper designs to 3D computer renderings has been one of the keys to his success, helping him achieve phenomenal growth. His decision to embrace industry-leading design technology throughout his career has served Davis well, helping his team at Krause Landscape Contractors to not just gain an edge in their market but also flourish. Growing from Krause Landscape’s beginnings as a small lawn-mowing service, today Davis is part of a thriving full-service landscaping company that covers the state of Texas from Amarillo to Dallas while employing more than 100 people.

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Planting Around a Pool: The Best & Worst Plants for a Pool Area

When your clients say they want a tropical oasis, what are they envisioning? Maybe they see a tranquil water feature, warm breeze and, of course, some lush and colorful foliage. You can bring this vision to life for your pool clients by installing a variety of plants. The right foliage can really transform the pool area. But with so many plant choices, where do you start?

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60 Seconds to Make Your Laptop 5x Faster! (4 Settings)

Does your laptop feel slow in our 3D pool and landscape design software? Do you feel sad when your line won’t keep up with your mouse? After a long journey, searching many catacombs for the answers, on an adventure that would rival Indiana Jones, we think we have the solution to optimize PC performance! Follow us on this adventure and let’s optimize your PC! Disclaimer: Following us on this adventure will possibly help fix laptops that are slow in 2D and 3D. This adventure does not guarantee any gold, riches, or fancy money idols on top of pedestals.

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7 Valuable Tools Used in Landscape Design for Measuring a Property

Each stage of the design process calls for a different landscape design tool. To find qualified leads, you need a solid sales process. When it comes to closing a deal during a presentation, you’ll need a stunning design. But in between those, you’ll need to measure property sizes so you can create accurate designs. And that’s when you’ll need measurement tools. You want your designs to be exact, so there’s no room for error when you are collecting the site’s measurements. Make sure you choose the landscape design tools that will help you get the job done. Here are seven landscape design tools used for measuring properties.

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20 Free Swimming Pool Templates for Your Pool Design Software

I started consulting with pool companies in 2001. At the beginning, helping pool companies create 3D pool templates was all we did at Structure Studios. That gave us a lot of insight into what pool builders needed: a better way to design the unique, custom pools that customers want most.

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Legendary Update: Vip3D, VizTerra, and Pool Studio Update 2.14 [Video]

What would make the best Pool and Landscape Design Software even better? How about great new construction tools? New timesaving enhancements to design stages? Stunning new textures and 3D objects? Yes, Yes, and Yes! Last update, we made some pretty exciting changes (VizTerra became Vip3D, along with a new color scheme and access to the SketchUp 3D Warehouse). We also promised we had some exciting new tools in the works.

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Top 7 Complaints of 3D Landscape Design Software Users

We all get on a soapbox about work sometimes, whether it’s talking about a certain project or client issue. We all complain about things that aren’t working or are slowing us down. While landscape design software can help you close more deals and grow your business, there are aspects of certain software that will leave you feeling less than impressed. Here are the top 7 complaints we’ve heard from 3D landscape design software users, plus solutions for each.

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Trends: Ready to Build a Natural Swimming Pool? Your Clients Are.

Offering an all-natural organic pool as a pool design option to green-savvy homeowners will soon be essential to meet client demand. After all, the organic market is a $39 billion industry— and it’s overflowing into the swimming pool design business. In fact, The Organic Trade Organization says 51% of families are buying more organic products than just one year ago. With organic consumerism on the rise, homeowners are adapting organic principles into all areas of their lifestyles and will soon influence pool builders to adapt to the green market.

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5 Elements of the Pool and Landscape Design Process You May Be Missing

There’s so much to do and think about during the landscape design process. You have to schedule appointments, balance current projects, incorporate your prospect’s wants and needs, come up with unique ideas, prepare presentations and — oh yeah — make the sale. With everything that goes into it, you’re bound to miss something if you don’t have a solid landscape design process in place. Here are five important elements of the landscape design process you don’t want to forget.

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Seriously, Do I Really Need 3D Landscape Design Software? Is It Worth the Cost?

Every month we speak to thousands of awesome pool and landscape designers. They ask us if 3D landscape design software is worth the time and money investment, and that’s an important question.

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Creating Signature Designs: How To Place Large Boulders in a Poolscape

Adding a few tons of rock to a poolscape could be massively rewarding or disastrous, depending on how you go about installing them. Large boulders add texture, colors, focal points and natural elements to poolscape projects. You can even orient them to guide the viewer’s eyes toward certain garden elements and create a balance among all of the landscape’s features. But before you and your clients can enjoy the aesthetic value of large boulders, you have to first figure out the best and safest way to place them in a poolscape — while avoiding common mistakes.

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How to Write Landscaping Contracts: 5 Essential Elements

Creating a contract is a vital part of a successful landscape project. As the American Society of Landscape Architects (ASLA) said in one of its presentations on contracts, “You get what you negotiate — not necessarily what you deserve.” So make sure to put everything in writing. It helps protect both you and the client. To help you create a contract for your landscape projects, hire an attorney to make sure everything’s covered and you and the client are protected. Each state has different requirements, so they can help you with that, too.

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The Best Pool and Landscape Design Software is Even Better: Update 2.120 [Video]

So what makes this update so exciting? We’re showcasing great new features — plus some detailed refinements that will save you real time. Perhaps you’ve heard us say that our goal is to give you the best pool and landscape design software. In keeping with that promise, today we’ve added more than 75 enhancements. We're making it easier than ever for you to get your designs done — and for your clients to sign on that dotted line. Ready to see what's new since the last update? After learning about some of the fantastic ways designers are making use of the exceptionally high-resolution GIS images and the easy-to-use Soundscape Design features introduced in the spring, we can’t wait to hear what you think of today’s latest features. So take a look at the Update Video and download the free software update!

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How to Present a Landscape Design: 7 Killer Sales Presentation Tips

Your client’s first impression of you normally comes from your design presentation. So you’ll want to wow them with your ideas, understanding of their visions and personalized approach. But it can be difficult to know how to present a landscape design this way, if you’re new to the presentation process.

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How to Keep Clients for Life by Doing Landscape Construction in Stages

Landing a new client takes a lot of time, effort and resources. So once you have them, wouldn’t it be nice to keep them for years to come? To make clients happy and improve their outdoor living areas, you can do the landscape construction in stages. Not only will this method give you recurring revenue, but it will also give your clients what they want — even if that’s not possible with the budget they have today.

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Who’s Your Biggest Swimming Pool Sales Competitor? [and How to Win the Sale]

This might be the most important piece of pool sales information you will ever receive. If I were to ask you who your biggest competitor is, you might be inclined to give me the name of another local swimming pool company. I'm going to suggest that you might be wrong.

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7 Habits Of Highly Effective Pool and Professional Landscape Designers

Every week, we talk to hundreds of successful swimming pool designers and landscape designers. And from those conversations, we've picked up on an interesting pattern: The successful designers who consistently land large contracts — and make their clients happy — share some remarkably similar habits. Curious? If you're a pool, landscape, garden or outdoor living designer, read on to find out whether anything our list of successful habits rings a bell for you.

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Does Your Swimming Pool Construction Contract Have These 9 Important Elements?

We’ve all heard it before: “You need to have it in writing.” That’s especially true when there are thousands of dollars on the line with a pool installation. You need a contract — or agreement, as I prefer to say — that protects your business and protects the client. It also needs to clearly explain what services you’ll perform and when. Offering your client an agreement that's clear and detailed can make the difference between building their dream pool and ending up in a total nightmare of a project. So make sure you have a solid swimming pool construction contract that includes all nine of these crucial elements.

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What Is Form Composition in Landscape Design? Should You Use It?

Whether you are creating a design for a difficult terrain on a tight deadline or having trouble getting features to fit together, it can help to get back to the basics. One way to do that in the early stages of the design development is by using form composition.

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SUCCESS STORY: Poolscape Inc.: An International Award-Winning, Pool Designer

Poolscape Inc.: An International Award-Winning, High-End Pool Designer Elevates His Efficiency And His Revenues With Pool Studio’s 3D Pool Designs Barry Justus founded Poolscape Inc. in 1991 with the goal of building one-of-a-kind concrete pools for homes and estates in the Toronto area. Today, he is one of the most accomplished and recognized pool designers in all of Canada and North America. His eye for design and commitment to quality have earned him numerous industry awards — the Best Family Recreation Centre Gold Award, the Technical Achievement Gold Award, and the Swimpsa/Current Pools Gold award, among many others. In fact, 90 percent of all Poolscape projects from the last decade have won international or national awards. But Justus doesn’t design to win awards. He designs to wow his customers.

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Spring is Here! - Update 2.110

Winter brought us new walls and fences, plus the awesome new Video Mode. What does our Spring Update bring? We can’t wait to share it with you: starting today, you’re going to be able to take advantage of the incredible new features that have been keeping us busy all winter. Creating better 3D experiences is as important to us as creating amazing designs for your customers is for you, so we’ve been working on some (seriously amazing) new features that will help you make your designs and presentations the best they can be. Watch the video overview:

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Design in Context with the Most Accurate Aerial Imagery Available

What’s the biggest drain on your time, when you start a 3D outdoor living design? Many professional landscape designers say that gathering elevations and measurements takes up a lot of their time. How much time do you spend measuring a client’s home? Figuring out the property line? Triangulating existing obstacles that you need to work around? Calculating terrain elevations? These are some of the most important parts of a successful design, but they can also be the most time consuming. That's why we're excited to introduce an incredible new feature to VizTerra, Pool Studio, and VIP Suite: Aerial Imagery.

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How Much Does Professional Landscape Design Software Cost?

As landscape design software continues to become more sophisticated, presenting sophisticated landscape designs has become increasingly critical to the pitch process.

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SUCCESS STORY: Green Planet Landscaping (Las Vegas, NV)

Damon Lang is the owner of Green Planet Landscaping, an award-winning landscape design and construction firm headquartered in Las Vegas, Nevada. Since founding his company 16 years ago, Lang has established himself as one of the country’s leading landscape design experts.

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7 Questions To Ask Landscape Clients Before You Start Designing

People turn to talented landscape designers like you to make their outdoor living spaces shine and dream up creative solutions to their landscape challenges. But you can’t just show up to an initial meeting with product books about plants, pots and pavers; you’ll need to take the time to get to know what the customer really wants before you can present a design that they’ll really love. To put together a great proposal and win the job, you’ll need to ask them the right questions.

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Another Brick in the Wall: VizTerra and Pool Studio Version 2.1

Since our Summer Update we've been hard at work on incredible new tools for VizTerra and Pool Studio. We’re really excited to release our latest update. Take a look:

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